CPR Pensacola is your local provider of AHA classes.  We offer a variety of healthcare and lay rescuer courses throughout the northern Gulf Coast (MS, AL, and FL Panhandle).  To find our courses, please click on the Register Now option on the menu above!

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A common question we are asked is "which class should I take?"  This handy guide should help remove some of the mystery from our class offerings and help guide you to the class you need.

Our most common offerings are for CPR and AED use.  All the AHA courses we instruct include the use of AEDs.  The primary difference between the CPR classes we offer is the target audience, either healthcare providers (or those working in healthcare facilities) versus those needing CPR certification for more general purposes (also termed "layrescuers.")  If you are in healthcare or are working in a healthcare facility, you most likely need the BLS Provider course.  This can be completed in a traditional classroom format as the BLS Provider, or in a blended version (either the Heartcode BLS or BLS Skills session.)  The difference between the Heartcode BLS and the BLS Skills is whether you have access to the Heartcode Online Part I through your employer or other means, or if you will need an access code to the Heartcode Online Part I.  If you need CPR certification for more general purposes, then the Heartsaver CPR/AED course would best meet your needs.  This course can also be done as a traditional classroom version (Heartsaver CPR/AED) or as a blended version (Blended Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED.)  The Heartsaver course offerings can also have a basic first aid component completed along with the CPR course.

We also offer ACLS and PALS courses for those providers who are in need of advanced certifications.  Our ACLS and PALS courses can be completed as either a traditional classroom course or as a blended learning session.  The Heartcode ACLS or Heartcode PALS courses are for those students interested in the blended option, but who do not have access to the Heartcode Online Part I.  If you do have access to the Online Part I, you can register for the ACLS or PALS skills sessions.  

AHA requires students in all AHA certification courses (Heartsaver, BLS, ACLS, and PALS) to have a textbook before, during, and after the course.  To facilitate this requirement, we offer both eBooks and traditional textbooks for our students.  If you register for a Heartsaver traditional classroom course, your textbook is included in the course fees.  For our other courses, you will be required to have a textbook to sit for the course (if you arrive without a textbook, you will be required to purchase one prior to attending the course.)  If you complete one of the blended/Heartcode courses, you have access to the eBook version through the Online Part I.

We hope this guide helps to clarify some of the questions on the various courses we offer, and as always feel free to contact us should you have additional questions.

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